The quality of the plant is vital for the vintner.
An important amount of work has been undertaken in France in order to improve the quality of the vine plants and certification is the end result.
It was elaborated under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and under the control of the O.N.I.VINS.

The aim of certification
Certification guarantees the user a varietal and clonal selection.

Certification Partners
The I.N.R.A. (the National Institute for Agronomic Research) is charged
with studying the quality of the vegetal material, its genetic and sanitary
improvement, the improvement methods and experimentation.
The E.N.T.A.V. (the National Technical Establishment for Viticulture
Improvement) is in charge of the clonal selection and ensures the repository
at the domaine de l'Espiguette - 30240 Le Grau du Roi.
The O.N.I.VINS (The National Interprofessional Office for WINES) is charged
with the varietal and sanitary inspections at the nurseries.

The quality of the controls and viticulture research undertaken by the associated partners raises the French certification to the highest worldwide level.
The control label attached to each bundle of plants indicates this certification.